Life Cycle Assessment Software

Customer overview:

Our valued customer is an esteemed Australian firm specializing inbuilding design consulting services. With expertise in life cycle assessment of buildings and structures, they provide expert opinions to their clientele, focusing on sustainability and environmental impact.

Life Cycle Assessment Software


The customer recognized the need for an integrated design method that could comprehensively assess all aspects of a project. Manual execution of each procedure throughout the life cycle of building design demanded significant time and effort. Additionally, accurately determining the environmental impact of building designs required complex calculations. Automation of operations and calculations became imperative to save time, enhance accuracy, and streamline the design assessment process.

With our impeccable solution, the customer can now efficiently assess the life cycle of building designs, ensuring compliance with industry and government standards, reducing errors, and saving valuable time. The integration of automation, advanced calculations, and comprehensive reporting capabilities empowers our customers to make informed decisions regarding environmental impact and sustainability. Together, we are revolutionizing building design assessment, fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

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To address these challenges, iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading .NET web development company, developed a cutting-edge solution that automates the processes involved in building life cycle assessments while adhering to industry and government standards of the UK and Australia. Our solution encompasses the following key features:

Automated Procedures and Synchronization: Streamlining the life cycle assessment procedures of building design through automated operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Compatibility with Industry Standards: Formulas used to calculate the environmental impact of building designs are fully compatible with Australian and UK standards, including EN 15978 and ISO 14044.

Project Creation and Management: Creating and managing designed projects with lifecycle modules and comprehensive impact analysis.

Structural Design Module: Efficient categorization and management of project structures, facilitating design creation or redevelopment.

Assembly Components Module: Designing various structures and generating reports for transportation and recurring environmental impacts.

Material Management Module: Efficient management of material components used in building structures, including details such as products, transport, construction, and recurring charges.

Operational Energy and Water Management: Creating operational energy and water components, including gas, electricity, and water types, and reporting associated environmental impacts.

Template Design: Enabling users to create a global template with assembly, material, and operational components for consistent assessment.

Enhanced Report Generation: Creating user-friendly technical reports adhering to international standards, facilitating clear communication of assessment outcomes.

Collaboration and Workflow Management: Enabling communication and collaboration among users, including group creation, invitation acceptance or rejection, and sharing of designs or templates.

Task Management and Notifications: Providing a comprehensive task list and scheduling system for individual users, ensuring timely completion and monitoring progress.

Role-Based Access: Individualized access to the system, granting appropriate permissions based on user roles and responsibilities.

Comprehensive Impact Analysis: Analyzing the impacts of CO2, cost, energy, water, land use, ozone depletion, human toxicity, and more, providing a holistic insight into the environmental consequences of building designs.

Life Cycle Assessment Software
Technologies we used:


Web Application

 Web Server


 Programming Language

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

 Database Management Server



MVC / NHibernate framework

 Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery

 Version Control

Hg Workbench


iFour Technolab Pty. Ltd. developed a sustainable solution that aids in life cycle assessment procedures and is compliant with the legal infrastructure criteria of the UK and Australia governments. It also assisted clients in gaining a thorough understanding of operational environmental implications. It provides users with simpler processes, an easy-to-interact experience, and support in decision-making at various phases of the project.

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