AI Healthcare Monitoring System

About customer:

Our client is a leading healthcare technology company that aims to eliminate the variability in the healthcare management cycle and automate the manual diagnostic process, with the goal of significantly improving patient care and clinical outcomes.

AI Healthcare Monitoring System


In the field of healthcare, a comprehensive checkup plays a crucial role in the early detection of internal threats, protecting individuals from potential health risks. Our healthcare client sought a self-reliant and intelligent tracking system that could empower their healthcare professionals to respond swiftly to unforeseen situations, ensuring fast and secure data transmission.

The challenge at hand was to optimize and control these procedures while ensuring flawless data transfer across all nodes, a task perfectly suited to our expertise.

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To address the client's needs, we embarked on an AI-based project that resulted in a versatile and intelligent tracking device, reforming the health monitoring experience. Leveraging cutting-edge sensors, IoT network technologies, Informedica, ChatGPT, and AI capabilities, our solution facilitates quick and secure data transfer and interpretation. This empowers healthcare staff in hospitals and nursing homes to respond promptly to unforeseen incidents identified by an autonomous diagnostic system.

Web and Mobile Application:

Our comprehensive web and mobile application provide a seamless user experience with a range of features:

  • Patient Registration: Streamlined process for patient registration, ensuring easy access to healthcare services.
  • Health Updates: Real-time health updates, allowing users to track their well-being.
  • Doctor Appointments: Hassle-free scheduling of appointments with healthcare providers.
  • Patient Diagnosis Procedures: Convenient access to information and updates related to diagnosis procedures.
  • Patient History: Centralized storage of patient history, ensuring comprehensive and organized healthcare records.
  • Symptom Monitoring with Infermedica and ChatGPT: Interactive chat feature facilitating symptom monitoring and analysis, powered by advanced AI technologies.


Dashboard: A comprehensive overview of the member's health, activities, and essential updates.
Chatbot (Yasmina Chatbot):
  • Intelligent chatbot integrated with Infermedica API for symptom checking and ChatGPT for addressing user queries.
  • Access the symptom checker function through application login, providing analysis results via Infermedica API integration.
  • Find answers to other questions using the ChatGPT-integrated chat view.
  • Explore website pages and receive feedback through voice or text-to-speech using Azure Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech services.

Symptom Checker: User-friendly symptom check dialogue based on age and gender, simplifying the evaluation process.

Contact & Emergency Contact: Management of contacts, includingemergency contacts, for quick access during critical situations.

Appointment: Integration of Microsoft and Google email accounts, providing a unified platform for managing appointments and meetings.

Setting: Integration of Google and Microsoft accounts for seamless appointment management and customization of application settings.

History Management: Tracking and visualization ofhistorical data related to heart rate, temperature, activity, and spo2.

Technologies we used:

Front end:

Angular 14

Back end:

.NET Core 6.0 Web API


SQL Server 2022

Mobile Application Features:

The following are the mobile app features available to users.

  • Device Administration: Manage device settings and configurations.
  • User Registration: Register user accounts within the mobile application.
  • Dashboards: Display device-gathered data through interactive dashboards.
  • Mobile Communication with Device: Communicate with the device using the mobile application.
  • Mobile Communication with Azure Cloud: Establish a connection between the mobile application and Azure Cloud services.
  • Patient Appointment Processes: Manage patient appointments through the mobile application.

Mobile Application Visualization (with Digital Avatar Integration):

Key Considerations:

  • Tab Bar: The tab bar serves as a vital element of the mobile application, providing easy access to core functionality with a single tap and enabling seamless switching between features.
  • Tabs: Home |Yasmine/Digital Avatar
  • Yasmine/Digital Avatar: Interact with a digital avatar for user/patient interaction.
  • Home: Displays other features of the mobile application.

Home Tab:

  • Heart Rate Display: When a user/patient requests their heart rate or its history, the digital avatar presents the data on the Home tab.

Device Connection:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect the device via Bluetooth to retrieve temperature, heart rate, SPO2, and battery status readings.
  • Data Management: Manage device data within the mobile app and upload it to the Azure IoT Hub.
  • Web Application Integration: The web application displays updated data to users.


iFour Technolab Pty. Ltd., a leading healthcare software development firm, delivered client with the desired solution offering a complete health monitoring experience. Our solution combines advanced sensors, AIoT network technologies, Informedica, and ChatGPT to enable quick and secure data transfer. Healthcare staff in hospitals now have the capability to respond quickly to unexpected instances identified by an autonomous diagnostic system. With our innovative approach, we have transformed healthcare practices, ensuring efficient monitoring and improved patient care.

AI Healthcare Monitoring System

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